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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What is Attachment?

What is Attachment?

The concept of attachment has several possible meanings. Using a physical definition, attachment could be viewed as the process of connecting two “things “together, such as when I want to attach a button to my shirt. This is a very basic definition. We have two separate things and we want to attach them together. An interesting note is that this process will require the use energy.

So, a basic definition could be: Attachment is the use of energy to maintain a connection between two separate things.

When I look at attachment as it applies to personal development, my physical definition seems to still hold true. The only difference is that the “things” we are attaching together are thoughts. A personal development definition could be: Attachment is the use of our personal energy to maintain a connection between two thoughts or concepts. In this case, one of the two things could be the concept of you. An example would be thinking that “I want a new car” or “I desire you”. We are connecting the thought of me with the thought of a car. The last time I checked we cannot physically connect with a car, another person or with anything. However, we can think about being connected with a car or another person.

However, even when I have purchased that car or married that lady, all these connections are still a concept or an understanding. I do not really own the car it only appears that way. Yes, we have laws that prove that I own that car. But this only works when everyone else believes in the same laws as I do. Someone who disregards this law could believe that is OK to just take my car.

Perhaps a more personal or spiritual view of attachment is that it is The Process of wanting to maintain a connection between ourselves and anything else. As it turns out, understanding deeper meanings of attachment is considered the key to personal happiness and joy. Being able to detach these connections when they no longer serve our needs is key to our happiness and wellness.

Learning how to “Detach” is the technique of letting go of the connection between you and a thought. Most of us continually maintain these connections sub-consciously or automatically. On a moment to moment basic we re-build these connections and maybe totally unaware of this activity.

I believe that attachments are great. Without attachment we would not have likes, desires and goals. Life could become very dry and uninteresting. Hey, get everything that you want in life! The only issue is when our attachments begin to give us sadness and suffering. Unless you enjoy sadness and suffering, perhaps you should let those attachments dissolve. Yes, you do have the power to just let go of all those attachments that no longer server you. Just let them go.

OK, so it not really that easy!   Yes, you do have to some work!  However learning to "Detach" is totally within your abilities.  The rewards are truly worth all the work.

That’s what I think. What do you think?

Steve Oliver
June 2010

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  1. Hi Steve, nice considerations. I miss the take on emotions though, and in my point of view they are critical. Things, ladies, they all go with emotions, and that's why we attach to them don't we, because if i see my e.g. great car, it gives me the feel of pride, and longing for hearing the sound when i hit the gas. and that juices me up. Well, i will not start about my wife, but you can imagine that there is emotions re love & connection involved. I want to attach to things/lady, because i want to be able to feel the feelings again. Unhappiness starts when the things/lady is not longer the source of these positive emotions that juice our lives, but start to create negative emotions. Maybe then is exactly the time - especially with the lady of course ;-) - when we want to detach. But that is then not so easy, unless you split up of course, but then you are likely to see the same stuff happening again with the next lady he (because apparently we internally do not change).. ;-)
    Well, all in all, I like very much your take on this with attachment/detachment, and I hope you can blend in the emotions part. That is after all, what life is: emotions; and emotions is meaning, and the meaning we give determines whether we attach or detach..
    Just some brainwaves on a Sunday morning.
    Keep up the good work,
    Francis van Velsen from Holland