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Magic Moment
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

What is Energy?

What is Energy?

A simple science definition of Energy is the capacity of a physical system to perform work. Energy has been studied, researched and utilized in a variety of means for many years. However, whatever the form or source of the Energy it all has the same characteristics. Some of the more interesting characteristics of Energy are:

      1. Energy cannot be destroyed or created
      2. Energy has many forms – Light, Heat, Gravity and more
      3. One form of Energy can be transformed into another form
      4. All movement requires Energy
      5. Still Objects are described as having “Potential Energy” 
Eastern sages considered Energy as being everything and that Energy is the only thing that exists. In fact the sage’s description of the creation of the universe is very close to our recent scientific discoveries about The Big Bang Theory. It is only very recently that scientist discovered what the Eastern sages have been talking about for 1,000’s of years!

      1. There is only one Energy that can take many forms
      2. That Energy is conscious and is aware of itself
      3. All other forms of Energy come from “The One” Energy
      4. All other forms of Energy return to “The One” Energy 

 Most ancient  cultures have a version of this description of Energy. The Theory of Ying and Yang is an excellent example of the description of “The One” Energy. But variations can be found in many religions and cultures dating back thousands of years. The largest scientific study EVER conducted is being implemented today in Switzerland. The goal of The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) study is to prove the existence of “The One” Energy or particle. The scientific world has named this particle “The God” particle.

The CERN Hicks "God Particle" Analysis

Ok, now that everyone agrees that there is only one Energy in the universe, so what? In our day to day existence how is this information going to help us? What does this mean? What does it matter?

Perhaps everything we see, feel, hear and in anyway experience is part of this one Energy. What if our earlier North American cultures understood this knowledge at a deep personal level? If we believe this then everything has the same intrinsic value. Perhaps this explains why some cultures respect all expressions of this conscious Energy. These cultures have the highest regard for nature and all life forms.  Whatever we experience has to be part of this “One” Energy.  There is no other option.

However, we do not normally experience this "One" Energy. On a day to day basis we experience the differences of life.  The differences is sometimes call the Duality.  Meditation is one method we can use to gain an understanding of the"One" energy.  This is some times called being at one with nature.

That is what I think? What do you think?

Steve Oliver

August 2010