Magic Moment

Magic Moment
Some times your there at the right moment!

Friday, June 10, 2011

What if we forgot everything?

What if you forgot everything?

Yes, you woke up this morning and it was all gone. I mean everything was forgotten. How would you feel and what would you think? You would not have anything to remember, no past and no future. In fact, you would not even have a sense of time.

If we forgot everything, how would we know anything had happened or was about to happen? So, we would have no sense of waiting for something to happen. Not even the awareness of how long it has been since we had the awareness to time. It is all gone.

What about your family, friends and love ones? What about your enemies and foes? They would all appear the same. With no memory, how would you know who was your friend or foe? In fact, when you looked in the mirror you might see a stranger? Perhaps you might think everyone was you.

What would it really be like to forget it all? If only for a moment, just for one moment and then returned to all the memories that define you.

Perhaps it would just be like it is now. We cannot remember what we have forgotten! All would appear normal and correct. We have forgotten everything and no longer remember who we were.

Steve Oliver
June 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What if everything was the same?

What if everything was the same?

You know like everything! What if every snow flake was identical to every other snow flake? What if each moment was the same as the last? Could that be possible? What would our world look and feel like if each moment was identical to the last and every future moment?

Is it possible that each snow flake is made of the exact same thing? Could each drop of water in the universe be made of the exact same stuff? No matter where or when we are in the universe, water would be made of the exact same stuff. Here is another one, what if every cell in our body was identical. There would only be one type of cell. So, the cells in our eyes are the same as the cells in our blood. Yikes how could that be?

Each cell would have to contain the exact same information as every other cell. Perhaps this could be true. But that would mean that any particular cell could be anything and for some reason that cell took on a specific responsibility in our body.

Ok, let's look at water again. What about water?  Well, is every drop of water really made of the same stuff everywhere and every time? Then the stuff that water is made of has to be the same thing as well!

So we could think of every drop of water in the universe being made of the same type of atoms. Then that would mean that each atom of water is made of the same stuff. I guess this line of thought could just keep going on and on.

I guess when the great thinkers and scientist say – “Everything is made of the same thing!” They really meant everything!  Then why do things look so different?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dialling up Success and Happiness

Dialling up Success and Happiness

Is there a specific frequency or internal combination that determines our level of success and happiness? Why do some people seem to be happy and successful most of the time? Do they know the number or combination for personal happiness and success?

Can you recall the times when you were truly happy?  During those times of happiness did success come easy?  Did success make you happy? At other times, did failure make you feel sad?  Perhaps your un-happiness helped to determine your eventual failures...?  Yes, it does sound like the chicken or the egg dilemma. Which came first; your happiness or your success..?  Perhaps happiness and success are not really related.

So, could there be a specific combination of internal things that creates our happiness?  Is there a special “happiness” combination, a frequency or a feeling?  Do those happy people have a specific “feeling” that defines how to create happiness?  Could they be just “feeling” their way to success and happiness?

If we understood that “successful feeling” then we could just dial up that feeling whenever we wanted success and happiness.  Successful people are quoted as saying “They can create success!”.  Many self development books state that success comes from within.  Athletes often state that they can generate a winning “feeling”.

OK, so how can we get this winning feeling?  Are there specific rules and guidelines?  Or do we each have to discover our personal success combination?  If we do not have this ability to create success and happiness then how can we learn?  What would be the first step to achieving this ability?

So let’s start with becoming more aware of our selves. This sounds like a great place to begin the journey.  But there must be more...

Perhaps a quote from The Buddha teaching the Four Noble Truths, Sanskrit manuscript. Nālandā, Bihar, India.

Here are the first three translated for our North American ways :

1. Some times we get what we do not want and suffer
2. Some times we do not get what we want and suffer
3. Some times we get what we want then it goes away and we suffer

Steve Oliver
January 2011