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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do Our Feelings Lie?

Do our Feelings Lie?

Our day to day experiences can seem to generate fear, anxiety and other negative emotions.  We may even make some very important decisions based on how we emotionally “feel”.

Hold on now! Our emotional state of mind should be the direct result of what we are thinking.  The things in our lives and our actions do not by themselves have feelings.  So if we have positive thoughts about a thing or action we create a positive emotional state of mind.  That makes sense to me.

However, we do the opposite.  We believe that a strong negative emotion means that we are about to do something wrong, or that something “bad” is about to happen.  In this way, our emotions can miss lead us. The problem is that our emotions do not have any content.  Emotions are a state on mind and are not real.  In reality our emotions come and go based on how we are thinking.

Strong positive or negative emotions mean only one thing....
We are having positive or negative thoughts about the past, present or the future.  That’s all.

Making decisions based on how we emotionally “feel” may result in poor quality decisions.  Why?  Because how we think about the past, present and future is subjective.  Each person sees the world differently.  And our beliefs change over time.  What we believed to be bad yesterday could be perceived to be good today.  We can change the way we think about the world and this will change our emotional state of mind.

Our moment to moment emotion state are very important.  Our emotional state of mind gives us valuable feedback about our world.  Strong negative or positive emotions can help us understand what we are focused on or thinking about.  What we want or what we don’t want.

So, do emotions lie?  Well, perhaps they don’t lie because they can't.  However when we assign a meaning to our emotions we put the cart before the horse.  Perhaps our emotions do not have any actual meaning.   Perhaps our emotions are just a reaction to what we are thinking.

What do you think?
More later ...

Steve Oliver
May 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Yikes - More Internet Exposure

OK, I know! Yet another way of reaching out to the world.

Here is the deal. I'll share what I see, hear and learn. I love to travel, meet people and learn new things.

Perhaps the information I post will create some interesting communication with others.